Meet Our Lab Pet, Draco!




Meet Draco…

Draco Update: due to the Woolsey Fire, Draco was safely evacuated to Ms. Bailey’s home and will be staying there permanently as the district is no longer allowing pets in classrooms.

image3 2.jpeg

It's his first year at Calabasas High School, so please be gentle and caring with our non-human classroom companion.  He's a baby Red Bearded Dragon.  If we take care of him very well, we'll get to see him grow up throughout the school year.  He should reach full size within a year or year-and-a-half.

Regular volunteers to help clean, feed and play with Draco are greatly appreciated.  Draco will definitely not be used for any demonstrations or experimentation, but he is available for observations and study with Ms. Bailey's permission. 


Any donations for Draco's food is greatly appreciated.  He eats small crickets and dark leafy greens.

40660317_10210803589640214_8028559169294434304_o (1).jpg

Many thanks to the Schrage family for their donations to our lab to help Draco!  We wouldn't have Draco without their generosity!

— Draco