Mrs. Diamond created this website in 2018 using Squarespace and maintains it regularly throughout the year. For any concerns or questions, please contact Mrs. Diamond.

Who created and maintains this website?

How can I contact Mrs. Diamond?

For any feedback, concerns or progress checks on your student, please go to our Contact Page.  All students are welcome to visit during Support hours, or schedule an appointment with Mrs. Diamond for a meeting.  For any general inquiries about Calabasas High School, please look to the sidebar (to the right, for websites, or at the bottom, for mobiles) of this webpage.

Is this site private?

Only Calabasas High School students, parents, staff and faculty have access to this password-protected site.  No personal information on individual students is published on this site.  For any additional concerns, please contact Mrs. Diamond.

Where can I find grades or information on how my student is doing in his/her class?

Individual grades are not posted to this site.  Grades will be posted on the Aeries system protected by a password to access.  If you have not received a password, contact the counseling secretary at 818.222.7177.  You can access Aeries online at the Calabasas homepage at or contact Mrs. Diamond for more information.

  1. Ask questions during class for clarification or support

  2. Work with Mrs. Diamond during lessons for small group or individual work

  3. Attend Support hours to conference or review with Mrs. Diamond

  4. Check the Basic High School Skills page. There are many, many things that students do everyday throughout each lesson to reach their goals. Many students come to High School with these skills already well practiced. Some students need additional support with building these skills over time. Each section of the Basic High School Skills page provides guiding questions of basic high school skills for succeeding every lesson in College Preparatory classes. Check for areas where your student may be struggling to identify specific ways to improve.

What can we do if my student is struggling?